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Therapy for Therapists

Yes, you too can have support

Yes, therapists are human too! We have a life, responsibilities and things that happen to everyone else also happen to us. Can you remember the last time you were counseling a client who comes in sharing his/her anger with their partner's lack of care and attention? Meanwhile, you can't remember the last time you had a date night with your own partner.  Or perhaps you have an unexpected financial strain while balancing being the emotional support to a family member in crisis (that lasted a little longer than you have capacity for).

We have times in which we are tired, burnt out and feel the strain of compassion fatigue but not willing to admit it or even worst....not realize it. As therapist it may be hard to make space for oneself to process life ups & downs. Therapist are very susceptible to vicarious trauma and may not realize that it might be the culprit to the issue. It is easy to overlook self as it is a passion to help others. Maybe you're thinking "I'm fine, anyways, what are you going to tell me that I haven't already said to myself". 

Well that's just it, I am here to create that safety, gain understanding and provide realistic feedback and support regarding your situation and experience. Not the mundane "how are you feeling" questions. I am here because I too have been there. 

This is not peer supervision. This isn't a CEU to add to requirements. It's an opportunity for you to practice what you preach by giving yourself the chance to accept support. That's right.... Accept Support!

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