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Life Changes & Personal Development

The relationship we often overlook is the one we have with ourself.

Life Changes

We all have opinions on how others should handle life changes such as a death, birth, job loss, break-ups or even a move across country. However, when it comes to you, and it actually happens to you, a new realization that the giant is bigger closer up then what you've seen from the sidelines. My speciality is helping those whose life changes include moving to a new city or country and learning to reestablish a community and those who are living in a "temporary" posture still looking for a place to name home.

The Formula for Personal Development & Growth

Life entails continuous growth, sometimes solicited and often times not. "It's not a big deal", "Life be life -ing" are common responses to these everyday challenges that actually are a big deal and do warrant your attention. 

What I focus on is self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and learning to trust yourself. Have you ever thought "I could have done that differently", "I need to make changes and can't keep going through this destructive cycle of bad choices". That's the thing...... you can, if you choose to. Don't you want to live and breathe without coughing uncontrollably (metaphorically speaking)? I am here to assist you through the formula of personal growth, are you here to receive it?

If you are ready to take committed steps to changing unhelpful patterns then I am here to help you along the way. In partnership with you, we design practical steps for you to take and utilize to have a better outcome mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

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