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Individual Therapy

What is Individual Therapy?

Are you at a loss but still going through the motions? Are there times you feel like everything is falling apart but deny it because you don't want to think about it? Are there times you have mentioned something to someone and they brushed it off, or didn't understand or made you feel like you're crazy?

The space I create allows for you to acknowledge the "elephant in the room" without judgement or gaslighting. We will work together with intent on processing those hazy areas to foster change and achieve recovery. After all, therapy is not meant to be forever. That's why I make an investment in your goals, treatment and journey to healing.

Session Fee:

$175  |  75 min session ***Most often for EMDR sessions***

$150  |  60 min session

$125  |  45 min session

Please check out the FAQ's or click here to check benefits options.

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