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What's Anxiety?

Are you struggling with racing thoughts, feelings of uneasiness, or lack of energy? Better yet, what about experiencing bouts of insomnia, brain fog or dread? Well, I have. I am going to put it out there that a lot of people have. Anxiety is a normal functional emotion. Therefore, experiencing it from time to time in appropriate situations such as just about to give a speech, is totally expected. What's not alright is extended times of anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviors that impact our day to day life.

I help clients who have struggled with anxiety that has been present for longer than 12 months. Typically it fluctuates and at times you think you have it under control. Then out of nowhere it shows up again and it may show up in forms of procrastination, lack of appetite and feeling paralyzed to the point you can't manage your day to day tasks.

If you want to be able to function in your everyday without that lingering worry of losing yourself it can happen. I can help you to start to identify how anxiety shows up in your life, when is it likely to be present and how to minimize chances of it controlling your life. I work with those who no longer want to accommodate the anxiety and actually want to rewrite the narrative anxiety has on you day to day life. If you have decided that you want out of anxiety dictating your life then accept my support, I am here to help.

My goal isn't to be anxiety free, it is to no longer be Anxiety-Controlled.

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