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Couples Therapy

Does Couple Counseling Work?

Something is missing, this is just not enough......

A thought you may have when thinking of your very own relationship. When you and your partner notice day in and day out that there is something missing, something wrong and you can't figure out what it is, then yes, it is time to accept help.  Relationships are often sought out and when created takes effort and commitment to maintain a healthy union. It can be difficult to navigate through the ups and downs of life individually but then when your partner slowly becomes a major part of the downs it can feel like walking through mud.


Do you want things to work?

Have you both really agreed to try?

Are you both not sure where to start?


Building and healing relationships can happen when both parties are in agreement to regain and strengthen their bond. I help by starting with a thorough assessment to identify areas of strengths and challenges in the relationship. The assessment will consist of initial joint session, initial individuals session with each partie and also you will be provided with an online questionnaire to be completed at home. Why are we spending so much time with assessments? Assessments tell us the areas of concern that you the couple may not be able to articulate.


Once assessment is complete I present the couple with specific recommendations for intervention. Areas of intervention are broken into three parts. 1) creating shared meaning 2) managing conflict and 3) fostering friendship. Together, we all decide on frequency and duration of sessions then implement the specific interventions for your relationship roadblocks.


If you are ready to understand yourself in a relationship, or as a couple have areas of need for repair, I am here to help you through. I utilize the Gottman Method for couples therapy. This allows for a thorough assessment to identify areas of need, establish  a specific plan catered to what you the couple present and the implementation of exercises to achieve a new relationship with a solid foundation.

Session Fee:

$200  |  90 min - Once only for Initial Joint Assessment

- You will be provided with a Gottman Love Lab Assessment (no additional cost) to be completed at your own convenience prior to Feedback and Treatment planning appointment.

$130  |  60 min - Only for Initial Individual Assessment each

$165  |  60 min - Feedback and Treatment Planning

$165  |  60 min - Ongoing Couples Therapy Sessions

Please check out the FAQ's or click here to check benefits options.

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